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Imagine a BCAR Section S certified trike that you can build from plans. Imagine the fun that you can have flying that same Trike, with a friend, on Holiday or just to local flyins.

Now you can with the Huntwing.

The Huntwing puts up a creditable showing, with a respectable cruising speed of 60mph, and handling competitive with the "big names", the Quantum and Blade.

The Huntwing uses tried and trusted construction techniques, very similar to commercial trikes available at much greater cost.

The plans cost 125 UK pounds and consist of 100 drawings and 100 pages of description, direct from me. The only part of the aircraft that you don't build yourself is the sail, which is manufactured by Top Flight Sails in the UK, who hold the full size mylar patterns.

Further details of Trikes and, in particular homebuilt flexwings, can be found at Aerial Pursuits home page and details of flexwing characteristics and test flying can be found in Dr Bill Brooks paper. which was presented to the Royal Aeronautical Society at Boscombe down last year.

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Contact Address for Plans

John Hunt
Old Railway Inn,
Railwayside, Clydach South near Abergavenny
Gwent NP7 ORD
Phone: +44-1873-830876 or Mobile 07768 131349 (John Hunt)
e-mail: john.hunt AT HUNTWING dot CO dot UK Before e-mailing please check out the FAQ page as nearly all your answers are there
Contact Top Flight Sails for the sail details on +44 1495718444 (Nigel Sandercock)
Ty Morgue
92a Charles street
NP22 4AE


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